GOST State of the art boat security and monitoring systems
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Company history

GOST has evolved from several situations coming together. The two initial investors of GOST Marine, Marc Curreri and Brian Curreri, own a marine service company. The owner of GOST Security Systems had a boat the service company was maintaining.

He, like most boat owners, wanted to protect his boat and designed the Magellan system specifically for his boat. The prototype Magellan system was installed by the service company and put into service. Seeing the potential of the product, Marc purchased two additional Magellan units and sold them that day!

Marc and Brian formed Edgewater Technologies, Inc and collaborated with GOST Security Systems to modify the Magellan system to fit the needs for the general boating consumer, thus GOST Phantom Boat Alarm and Vessel Monitoring System was born.

Marine Magellan Boat Alarm and Vessel Monitoring System is the only all-in-one, completely wireless, two-way voice, security and monitoring system with GPS tracking.

At this time, Jim Weter became a working shareholder. As the exposure of the GOST Phantom Boat Alarm and Vessel Monitoring System increased and after the global distribution agreement was signed with GOST Security Systems, the name of the company was changed from Edgewater Technologies to GOST. The company continued its innovation and formed strategic partnerships with several key industry members who worked with GOST to further develop the GOST Phantom and other GOST products. It was at this time that Jay Keenan became a working shareholder.

GOST continues its commitment to research and development with Brian Kane directing our efforts on innovation.




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GOST Marine is the exclusive marine distributor of the GOST Phantom wireless boat alarm and vessel monitoring system for GOST Security Systems. GOST is and has been a leader in wireless security since 1989. GOST Security Systems are distributed in over 100 countries worldwide.
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