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As stated in our press release from January, 2007...
"Paradox Security Systems, a Canadian-based company, has given exclusive licensing rights to further develop the marine market and distribute certain Paradox Security Systems marine products for all marine applications worldwide under the trademark Paradox Marine."

Paradox Marine is the exclusive marine distributor for Paradox Security Systems, the manufacturer of the GOST Phantom Boat Security and Vessel Monitoring System.

Paradox Security Systems is an international company that has been manufacturing security products since 1989. They are a leader in the wireless security industry.

The founders of Paradox Marine bring over 25 years of experience in the marine industry to the company. This experience in conjunction with the high quality and manufacturing standards of Paradox provides the marine industry a reliable source for wireless security.

Several years ago the owner of Paradox Security Systems purchased a boat that he wanted to protect. He had the engineering team at Paradox design an alarm panel with proven wireless technology that met all of his requirements and fit with the décor of the marine industry. The GOST Phantom Boat Security and Vessel Monitoring System was born.

Improving on an already revolutionary product, Paradox Marine took it one step further. Incorporating two-way communication capabilities, reporting for high water and low battery voltage, Paradox Marine developed the Marine Magellan into what it is today- the GOST Phantom All-In-One Wireless Security and Monitoring System with voice reporting.


Interested In Becoming A Dealer?
The GOST Phantom Wireless Boat Security and Vessel Monitoring System by Paradox Marine has been met with extreme enthusiasm in the yachting industry.

Paradox Marine is currently seeking additional dealers in the U.S.A. Please contact 866.929.4441 or email us if you are interested in becoming a dealer for the GOST Phantom Boat Security and Vessel Monitoring System


Paradox Marine

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Paradox Marine is the exclusive marine distributor of the GOST Phantom wireless boat alarm and vessel monitoring system for Paradox Security Systems. • Paradox is and has been a leader in wireless security since 1989. • Paradox Security Systems are distributed in over 100 countries worldwide.
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